Ministry Groups

Social Ministry
St. Andrew's members were active in founding the Cooperative Christian Ministry.  We publish a booklet of volunteer opportunities on behalf of the whole community. 

Men's Group
Meeting often over breakfast, our Men's Group leads activities that contribute to the life of the congregation.

Women in Religion
Women in Religion is a community study group hosted by St. Andrew's, that invites people from all faiths to discussions of readings relating to the role and status of women in religious tradition and institutions as well as contemporary life.

Children's Ministry
Our children meet on Sunday mornings for choir, education, and fellowship. They contribute during worship and with special community programs and projects.  

College Ministry
Nothing could be better than to be so close to such a wonderful university campus. We find ways to serve and find lots of rewards from the great joy of just getting to know the students and teachers at Lenoir Rhyne.

Primetimers is a fellowship group for "seniors" who meet monthly for potluck lunch in our Fellowship Hall and plan outings hither and yon.  An informative program is always on tap.  Open to anyone who would like to join, including non-members.

Global Missions
Our missionaries, our World Hunger projects, and our partnership in advocacy and learning keep us busy taking part in a ministry that is truly global.

Women of the ELCA
Active all year with several circles or groups and a calendar of important events for the whole congregation.

Christian Education: Sunday Schools, Bible Studies, Social Issue studies and more
A church with learning to do and teaching as well, we've always got something for any curious mind to join.

Prayer Group
Prayer Group is a weekly gathering in the church library of members who devote themselves to Bible study and to intercessory prayer for members of our church and our friends, as well as all for whom prayer concerns are shared.  Open to all interested persons.

Join our weekly Sunday worship at 11:00 am.  Hymns, texts, and liturgical orders join together with our homiletics to serve the Church's theme for the day.  All of our worshipers unite with the choirs and pastors to take part in - to
do - the holy work of receiving and celebrating the good news in Christ.  Don't forget our Midweek Noonday Worship and Luncheons, scheduled for Wednesdays at different seasons of the church year.

Senior Choir
The Senior Choir provides a number of special services each year, including a major contribution at Christmas like the Lessons and Carols service of King's College in Cambridge and the marking of Holy Week with some form of Passion cantata.  Yet every Sunday is special, and the choir presents a lead for a singing of the Psalm, an anthem for the Day, and leadership for worship acts.  They get this all done with a single rehearsal of about an hour and a half on Wednesday evenings.

Handbell Choir
The Handbell Choir is equipped with a near complete range of octaves, practices an hour a week on Wednesday evenings, and shares its abilities regularly in church.  
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